Saturday, April 21, 2012

What motorcycling means to me

I love to travel. But, I’m not an avid biker. I’m definitely not one among those who don’t dare going thousands of miles just to regurgitate their zeal. But it doesn’t mean that bike is just a means of transport for me. Of course I have some memories with my bike which is etched in my mind. 

The "Choke" Splendor
I can never forget those days. Wandering on my choke splendor (Yes! That’s what it was named by my Sameer’s friends. He always used to run on choke coz the fuel tank was empty) in all the streets of Bangalore like a nomad. It reminds me of my school and college days. That fun, that laughter, those triple rides and evading cops, jumping signals, those days were simply ecstatic. Those are the “motorcycle” days of my life. Pure nostalgia! 

Not just good things. I’ve experienced the other side of life also on bike. A road trip to Maddur CCD which turned out to be worst night out of my life, where Harish, on his birthday met with an accident in the 2AM, had his lips torn and how much we struggled find a hospital on mysore highway to give him first aid. We finally managed to find a nurse assistant (a.k.a compounder) of a government health center who stitched his lip with rusted scissors and clamps. Now I’ve quit night outs on bike for good. But that day, motorcycling taught me the value of life.

The Old "congestion free" Bangalore road
One more important thing for me about the motorcycling is that it reminds me of the heartiness of old Bangalore. During my school/college days, roaming in Bangalore streets on a two wheeler was a sheer pleasure. Unlike today, we never felt the real heat while riding in the afternoons. Many of the then two ways, (now one way) had big trees on either side, with not much of traffic, congestion free roads. Nowadays,, I rarely take my motorcycle out. And thus today, riding bike on these roads helps me recall the vigor of old Bangalore. Only those who’ve known Bangalore from a couple of decades know how much we miss the old Bangalore. 

This post owes a special thanks to Indiblogger “What motorcycling means to the Indian motorcyclist” contest, which made me recall the good old days. As I finish writing, I’m just realising how much I am mising the old Bangalore, how much Iam missing all the fun, how much Iam missing riding my bike!


  1. It takes all sorts to make a biking community. All sorts of experiences come your way! You have made both points very well

  2. @Suresh: Absolutely. Thank you! Are you a biker too.?

  3. Choke Splendor...what a nice name ;)
    A ride teaches a lot about life.... :)

  4. @Punit: Heheh.. Yeah.. True.. Very true...!!